Kletterzentrum Innsbruck Overview



Are you new here?

If yes, these are your first steps:

  1. Registration: People who come to the climbing hall for the first time must register. With your signature, you confirm that you have been trained professionally, that you adhere to general climbing rules and our house rules and also that you accept our terms and conditions. Note: Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the climbing hall without an accompanying adult. All adults are registered on-site. Young people between the ages of 14 and 18 need the consent of their legal guardians to climb independently and unsupervised (see below). Persons responsible for school or training groups can also make a group registration (see below).
  2. Cash desk: You can only buy your ticket once you have completed your registration. Please check in advance about prices.
  3. Identification for discounts: To make use of any discounts you must have your valid ID ready at the cash desk (membership of an alpine club, student ID, family pass, etc). No discount without ID!
  4. Changing rooms: With a valid ticket, you can enter through a turnstile to the changing rooms, where you can use the ticket to lock and unlock one of the lockers. We strongly recommend that you store EVERYTHING in it and always lock it behind you. Please change in the changing room (not in the hall), only take what you need upstairs and leave your backpack in the locker in the cloakroom. Please note that for reasons of hygiene and our delicate safety floor, the climbing hall may not be entered with street shoes. Note: If you forget which locker is yours, the card reader at the entrance to the changing rooms will tell you.
  5. Safety - climbing rules and house rules: Please take the time to read our house rules and safety considerations carefully before climbing and bouldering. There is a lot of information here that is for your own safety. Our main concerns are as follows:
    1. Keep the landing area clear: People can fall to the ground, especially in the first few meters of a route. For your own safety and the safety of your neighbouring climbers: DO NOT leave anything on the ground in front of the climbing wall, and avoid loitering in these fall areas! Never sit on the ground under climbing people! Rope bags and hard objects especially, such as drinking bottles and belay devices, are better placed directly against the wall rather than left lying around on the safety floor.
      Please note that in the bouldering areas, the mats are intended for jumping down onto and are not for sitting or lying around. Drinking bottles have no place on the bouldering mats! To unwind, go to the edge of the jump mats and watch out for people bouldering behind your back, especially in narrower areas ("Kilterboard" and "Nordwest Eck")! Please help to contribute to safety in our hall and make others aware of potential hazards.
      If possible, prams should not be taken into the climbing hall, but if you do, Maxi-Cosi are preferred. Under no circumstances may prams/car-seats be positioned in the fall area of climbers. Please position them at the edge of the hall in the spaces provided for this purpose.
    2. Keep your distance when climbing: Maintain a sufficient distance from other people and avoid climbing in the fall area of other climbers. Those who are already on the wall have priority! For this reason, the immediate lines to the right and left of people already climbing should not be used unless a distance of 5 quickdraws can be maintained. Please be considerate of others, coordinate, and talk to each other!
    3. Partner check and correct belaying: Before you start climbing, please check whether you are tied in correctly and whether the belay devices are inserted correctly. Trust is a good thing, but checking is better. Make sure that your partner can reliably hold an unexpected fall and that they know how to use the equipment. Lives are at stake here. Belaying with a slack rope or standing too far from the climbing wall is to be expressly avoided! Please watch our safety video.
    4. Neat and tidy: Please do NOT leave ANYTHING lying around in the middle of the floor. Don't leave all your bags and pouches IN FRONT of the storage compartments provided, but INSIDE them instead. Most importantly, large bags, rucksacks, or items of clothing belong in the compartments and not on the hall floor! Remember: You are not alone in the hall!
    5. T-shirt requirement and bare feet: For reasons of hygiene, it is NOT permitted to climb barefoot or without a shirt. You are also NOT allowed to enter the bistro, the weight room, or the toilets either barefoot or without a shirt.
    6. Lost and found: Every day a wheelbarrow full of stuff is left behind in the hall, so at the latest please check when leaving the cloakroom whether you have all your belongings with you (harness, drinking bottle, chalk bag, rope bag, belay device, etc). If you have forgotten something, please do not call us! Unfortunately, we rarely have time to check if your stuff is lying around somewhere on the Lost & Found shelf, so please come by. Our employees will be happy to let you into the hall so that you can take a look for yourself!
Why the need for registration?

Registering your details with us is part of our legal obligation to "inform you about the dangers" of climbing and to clarify the safety measures in our climbing gym. We primarily need your recorded personal data to be able to contact you in the event of problems, e.g. accidents, forgotten items, closing days, etc. In addition, you will be able to receive the latest information on events, promotions, and special offers from us (if you wish). Registration is a one-time thing, so once you have registered for the first time, you will never need to again.

School groups

School Groups

School groups who come with their teachers as part of their school curriculum receive reduced admission for the duration of a typical physical education lesson (usually around 2 hours). Pre-registration is required, so that we can take steps to avoid overcrowding in the course area.

In order to save time when registering at the desk, please fill out the "assumption of liability" form for the entire group in advance and be ready to pay the agreed amount for the tickets. You will be given enough tickets for the number of participants and your students will be able to use these for the changing room lockers.

The following are the most important points to which we must draw attention (again and again):

  1. No entry without a supervisor: Pupils can only enter the climbing gym if they are accompanied by the person responsible for the school group.
  2. Sign the assumption of liability and have the correct money ready: We ask the person responsible for the group to sign the assumption of liability form and collect the agreed amount of money from the students in advance.
  3. Equipment rental for the group: The rental of climbing equipment should be handled by group leaders. These people should bring the equipment back after the lesson.
  4. Changing room lockers: Make sure your students know how to use the lockers and ensure that they lock away their personal items.
  5. Discipline: Please remember that this is a public climbing gym and not a private gym, so make sure you keep the noise level in your group as low as possible. Running around or playing ball in the gym is not allowed!
  6. Responsibility: The teachers of school groups are responsible for ensuring that the students adhere to our house rules and the general climbing rules. Please read this information carefully. House rules, climbing rules.

Team Training

Team training

Entry Fees: We do not offer any discounts for national teams or other training groups. Regular admission prices apply to all group members.

Registration of groups: All visitors to our climbing facility must register and have their own ticket. To speed up the process for teams and to save time at the desk, group members can be registered by the responsible trainer once they have signed the assumption of liability form. This person is then responsible for ensuring that all members of the group adhere to the house rules and the general climbing rules. The tickets must be paid for on site. It is not possible to issue tickets on account.

Restricted areas/reservations/pre-registration: We would like to point out that our climbing hall is also the training center for our national athletes. The Austrian Climbing Association has the right to use the designated training areas exclusively for itself, so please take note of the reservation times. Everyone is able to use these areas outside of the reserved times, but please note that purchase of a ticket does not automatically entitle you to unrestricted use of all training areas. In order to avoid any nasty surprises, we recommend that you contact the Austrian Climbing Association when planning your trip to Innsbruck, so that any necessary cooperation around blocked times/areas can be clarified with them. To the registration form for climbing instructors and trainers.

Visa applications: For any questions regarding visa applications, we ask you to contact the management.

Behavior and discipline: We ask the supervisors of training teams to make their team members aware of our house rules and our safety rules in the climbing hall, as well as to ensure that everyone adheres to them. We sometimes have different rules than in private training rooms. Please make your athletes aware of a minimum level of cleanliness and discipline and remind them that they are not alone in the climbing gym!  (Climbing hall rules, information sheet for trainers). Here follows the most important information from our house rules specifically for training groups:

  1. Ticket control: Entrance tickets must be shown whenever requested by a member of staff. Each ticket applies only to the ticket-holder and cannot be used by anyone else. Violations of this rule will be punished.
  2. Large backpacks/travel bags: Please do not take large backpacks or travel bags into the hall. Only take the essentials for climbing with you and lock everything else in a locker in the changing room.
  3. Bags, small rucksacks, jackets and other stuff: Please store these in the compartments/shelves and do not leave them on the floor in front of the shelves. With the number of visitors in our hall, a minimum standard of tidiness is required.
  4. Drinking bottles, belay devices and video cameras: Our fragile safety floor helps to prevent a lot of injuries. Please do not place any hard objects in the fall area of climbers, rather place drinking bottles, belay devices, etc, directly against the wall where nobody can land on them. Please pay particular attention to the positioning of video cameras, so that our transit routes remain free and that nobody can bump into them, even when they are being lowered.
  5. T-shirt requirement and bare feet: For reasons of hygiene, it is NOT permitted to climb barefoot or without a shirt. You are also NOT allowed to enter the bistro, the weight room or the toilets either barefoot or without a shirt.
  6. Gymnastics area/fall areas: Please make sure you keep the fall area free when warming up and/or doing gymnastics. Staying in the fall area below people who are climbing can lead to very serious injuries! This is particularly the case in the areas around the speed climbing walls. Please use our gymnastics area on the boulder mushroom or the training course gallery for warm-up exercises. In the interests of your own safety, please keep to fall-free areas when not climbing!
  7. Massage tables or chairs: The fragile safety floor in the climbing hall is not suitable for the setting up of tables or chairs. High pressure loads will make holes in the floor! Please use the gymnastics area on the boulder mushroom on the upper floor for this.
  8. Bringing your own food: It is not permitted to consume food you have brought with you in our bistro. You are welcome to use our BD Lounge on the upper floor for this purpose. We ask for your understanding.
  9. Top athletes as role-models: Please bear in mind that as top athletes you are role models and there are many eyes upon you. We ask you not to climb over barriers, not to yell unnecessarily, to belay in an exemplary manner and without a slack rope, not to climb without a t-shirt and to pay attention to tidiness and behaviour. Thanks very much.



Children and students under the age of 14 may only climb in our facility if accompanied by a parent or another competent adult supervisor. Club children who also take part in competitions may only climb without supervision after they have submitted a declaration of consent from a legal guardian and the club trainer(s). Please make children aware of our house rules and our safety rules. Parents are responsible for their children.


oung people between the ages of 14 and 18 are only allowed to climb with us without supervision if a legal guardian provides a declaration of consent. When you buy an admission ticket, you accept our house rules and the general terms and conditions, as well as commit to the safety principles of climbing and bouldering.


Family Discount

Parents who use the climbing centre together with their paying children receive a 25% discount on tickets of the same type (day tickets or annual tickets) on presentation of a Tyrolean or Euregio family pass. Children under the age of 6 do not pay admission. Discounts are not valid when purchasing blocks of 10 (10er-Block).

Children's Paradise

The Children's Paradise is a closed room, which is protected from noise and chalk. This area can be seen from the "rope climbing hall" via a glass wall and contains a climbing wall disguised as a knight's castle with many colourful holds, coloured boulders of varying difficulty, a slide and a few toys. Here the kids can climb, run around, play, slide, draw, paint and much more.

A note for parents: With a height of 3 metres, there is always a risk of your child falling. Please never leave the children alone and give them the help they need when they need it. As a guide, children should never boulder higher than the reach of your hands. Make sure that you never run into the fall area of other climbers in the rest of the hall.