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Welcome to one of the largest and most modern climbing centers in Europe

Our sports facility, which has received multiple awards for its architecture, welcomes visitors from afar with its three large, sculpture-like climbing towers. The breathtaking climbing scenery in the middle of the city invites even walkers and city visitors to linger in our bistro with outdoor dining area. 5750 ㎡ climbing area, 550 climbing routes and 200 boulders make every climber's heart beat faster. The national performance center of the Austrian Climbing Association is also at home with us. We are also the venue for many international climbing competitions and meeting the world's most famous climbing stars is part of our everyday life. But we want to be more than just a climbing hall. "Greet & Meet", climbing, bouldering, weight room, climbing classes, shop and bistro. Visit us, enjoy the unique atmosphere and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the local and international climbing scene. Take advantage of our offer for young and old and learn more about us: Facts.


Our team of almost 50 employees belongs to the Alpenverein Kletterzentrum Innsbruck GmbH, a subsidiary of the Innsbruck Alpine Club. We act as the operator of the climbing center, a sports facility owned by the city of Innsbruck (IIG Innsbrucker Immobilien GmbH). We take care of your concerns and are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you have general questions, please contact our staff or contact the secretariat. If you have specific questions, please contact our department heads (see below) or the management directly.

Reini Scherer Geschäftsführer Kletterzentrum Innsbruck


Managing Director
Fritz - Bistro Leitung


Area Manager Bistro
Fabi Hochheimer - Kursleitung


Area Manager Climbing Classes
Julian - Personalmanagement


Area Manager Human Resource
Georg - Bereich Routenbau


Area Manager Routesetting


Area Manager Shop and IT
Flo Murnig - Web Design


Area Manager Web and Media


Area Manager Accounting
Gabi Anker


Area Manager Office
Engel - Hausmeister


Area Manager Facility

looking for a job


With the unique mixture of popular and top-class sports in the Innsbruck climbing center, we want to offer a trendy meeting place for all climbers. In order to ensure this, we are always looking for reinforcements, especially in the reception area, in the bistro and in our climbing school.

Basic requirements (reception area and bistro):
  • at least 20-25 working hours per week
  • Year-round employment, including vacations, public holidays and evenings
  • Willingness to work also on the weekends
  • Experience in the catering industry an advantage
  • Necessary flexibility and spontaneity to step in here and there at short notice
Basic requirements (CLIMBING INSTRUCTOR)
  • Training as a Tyrolean sports climbing instructor or candidate training
  • at least 8 working hours per week
  • Year-round employment, including holidays
  • Willingness to work weekends, public holidays and evenings
  • Necessary flexibility and spontaneity to step in here and there at short notice
We offer:
  • Regular, secure income
  • Pay well above the KV (depending on qualifications and experience)
  • numerous other benefits, such as: clothing and meals for the employees, company sports through the use of the hall, heavily discounted purchasing
  • conditions from our partners and much more.

Are you a team player, open, friendly, knowledgeable and like to work in the midst of an active and very dynamic audience? Then send us your application!

Application for bistro and reception to: info@kletterzentrum-innsbruck.at
Application for the climbing school to: fabi@kletterzentrum-innsbruck.at