Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive with answers.

  1. Where are you in Innsbruck?
    You can find us at Matthias-Schmidstraße 12c, at the end of the viaduct arches, in an area between the railway just before it crosses the river Inn and the river Sill just as it flows into the river Inn (how to get here).
  2. How do we get to you?
    Bike: You can get to us easily by bike. There is also a "city bike" station right next to us.
    Train: With the regional train you can get off at the exhibition centre station (Messe Haltestelle) on Ing.-Etzel-Straße and walk to us from there in 5 minutes.
    Bus: Line 540 goes directly to the climbing hall from the main train station. Buses 2A and T stop at the supermarket (bus-stop Sebastian-Scheel-Straße), from there it is a 3-minute walk.
    Car: Autobahn Innsbruck Ost, head North (Andechstraße) past the DEZ shopping centre, go over the river Sill then immediately after the M-Preis supermarket turn right into Matthias-Schmid-Straße.
  3. Do you have parking available?
    Yes, a total of 80 spaces for the sports facilities in the Sillside area (climbing centre, skate hall and athletics hall). Chargeable from Mon - Fri 9 am - 7 pm. Unfortunately, camping and staying overnight is not allowed.
  4. How big is your climbing centre?
    Our climbing centre has 4500㎡ climbing area and 1250㎡ bouldering area. You can find more details under our information page (LINK). We are also the national training centre for the climbing association and a venue for international climbing competitions. You are also welcome to visit our bistro (with space for 80 people inside and 80 people outside).
  5. Do you have to be a member or do you have to register?

    NO, you do not have to be a member, but YES, all visitors must register with us and thereby automatically accept the house rules and our terms and conditions.
  6. Can I just come to you? What do I have to do?
    Everyone is welcome. By registering, you confirm that you are professionally trained and climb at your own risk. We ask you to comply with our house rules and to observe the safety instructions when climbing and bouldering. As soon as you enter the climbing centre, make sure that you avoid all the places where climbers fall and/or land. You should make sure that nobody is climbing directly above you, both in the climbing hall and in the bouldering hall.
    Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed in the climbing hall without supervision, except that 14 - 18 year olds can present a declaration of consent from a legal guardian.
  7. What length of rope do I need to climb with you?
    Due to the 17 m high and sometimes very overhanging routes, you need a 50 m long rope.
  8. Can I bring my small children when I visit you?
    Children under the age of 6 do not pay admission. The accompanying persons must register, but if they are only supervising minors then they can buy a reduced price ticket. You are responsible for supervising your children for the entire duration of your stay in the climbing centre. There are no reduced price tickets for training teams or clubs, trainers pay the standard admission price. For the little ones there is a separate children's area where the children can have fun. Please make sure that the children never run around freely in other parts of the climbing centre. They can get into the fall area of climbers or obstruct belayers!
  9. Can children hold a birthday party with you?
    YES. Our climbing instructors are happy to organise two climbing lessons with the children appropriate for their ability. Playful climbing and bouldering, as well as first attempts on the rope or on our automatic belay devices are on the program. Afterwards, the children can celebrate together at a reserved table in the bistro. Please register for this via our climbing school.
  10. Can I buy gift vouchers from you?
    Yes, you can buy vouchers from us for up to €1000, which can then be redeemed against everything we offer (tickets, bistro, shop, etc). A direct ticket purchase for other people is not possible due to the requirement that every climber registers. For more information have a look under gift vouchers.
  11. Are there discounts for families?
    On presentation of a family pass (Tyrol / Euregio), you as a family receive a 25% discount on tickets of the same type (single tickets and season tickets). Valid for parents who use the climbing centre together with their paying children. Not valid for 10+1 tickets.
    Can young squad or club athletes climb with you without supervision?
    Pupils between the ages of 12 and 13 may only climb with us without supervision with the consent of a legal guardian and the responsible club trainers: download the declaration of consent
  12. Shop & Rental - What do I have to bring with me?
    Basically, all you need is sporty clothing and possibly a pair of clean indoor shoes. You can hire the rest of the climbing equipment from us. Incidentally, in our small shop you can get everything you need for climbing including suitable clothing.
  13. Climbing courses - how old do children have to be and do you also offer climbing courses for adults?
    We offer a very extensive range of courses for young and old, from short trial courses, through basic courses for beginners, advanced courses, all the way up to courses for trainers. Just take a look at our course program. In principle, it only makes sense for children to attend a climbing course if they can manage without their parents being present (usually from school age). But we also offer MINI courses for 4-5 year olds.
  14. Schools and groups - Can I come to you with a school class or some other group?
    Teachers who come to us with school groups as part of their lessons receive reduced admission for the duration of a regular gymnastics lesson (usually around 2 hours). Pre-registration is required for this. With advanced registration, we can avoid overcrowding in the training course area. Please read the information about the process under Groups carefully. Other groups that are not subject to compulsory schooling are not eligible for reduced price tickets. The reservation of any course area or sections of the climbing walls is only allowed with the consent of the operator of the climbing centre. The giving of private commercial climbing courses in our facility is only permitted after prior notification and with the written consent of the centre operator.
  15. Teams and clubs - What do I have to consider if I come to you with a club team or with a squad?
    We do not offer discounts for national teams or other training groups. Both athletes and coaches pay the regular entrance fee. Please observe our house rules and safety instructions and ensure that your athletes are well-behaved and disciplined. Food you have brought with you may not be consumed in the bistro (inside or outside). In order to save time at the cash desk, trainers can sign an acceptance of liability for the entire group and thus avoid having to register all members of the team individually. Please read the information under Groups carefully and remember that our climbing centre is a federal training centre for the climbing association and the training and competition areas in particular might be reserved. Other teams and athletes can only use these areas outside of the reserved times.
  16. Help, I lost my card, what do I do?
    If you have lost your card and can show an official ‘loss’ report from the appropriate authority, we will issue you a new card free of charge, but with a €2 deposit. If you do not report the loss, we will charge you a processing fee.
  17. Help, I forgot my card, what do I do?
    If you have forgotten your card for the first time, we will issue you a replacement ticket free of charge (except for 10+1 tickets) and make a note of this. Unfortunately, if you forget a second time then you will have to pay for a normal single ticket.
  18. I am injured or prevented from climbing, will my card be extended?
    Occupational restrictions, illness, vacation, world trips or other private reasons do not lead to an extension or reimbursement of season tickets, annual tickets, etc. However, if a ban on sports activities is made by a doctor following an injury, the following must be observed: Immediately and no later than 3 weeks after your verifiable injury, you must send us a medical confirmation and hand in your valid season ticket. If these conditions are met, we offer the following goodwill arrangement until further notice:
    In the event of an injury in the first third of the validity period of your ticket, we will extend the card until the end of your medically prescribed sports ban, but only by a maximum of 20% of the original validity period. In the event of an injury in the second third of the validity period of your season ticket, we will extend the card until the end of your medically prescribed sports ban, but only by a maximum of 10% of the validity period of your card. In the event of an injury during the last third of the validity period, there is no entitlement to an extension. A refund of season tickets is generally not possible.
  19. I forgot my things at the centre, what do I do?
    Everything that gets left behind every day goes into the drawers at "Lost & Found". Valuables and smaller items (ID cards, glasses, wallets, belay devices, etc) are kept in the reception area. Please don't call us, but come by yourself to check in the "Lost & Found" if your things are still here. Our tip: label your belongings, because all rope bags, belay devices or drinking bottles look the same and are often mixed up or taken by mistake. When packing your backpack, or at the latest before leaving the climbing hall, make sure that you have everything with you.
  20. Do you have top rope areas?
    Yes we do, but in accordance with our regional traditions, we have rather less to offer in this regard. A total of 14 top rope stations with a height of 13 m are available on our training course gallery. If no course is taking place, you are welcome to use these. Note: The course area is usually very busy Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 9 pm. We ask you to pay attention to the reserved times.
  21. Do you have automatic self belay routes (auto-belay)?
    Yes, we have 8 of them (5 in the main hall and 3 in the training course area) each with 5-6 routes. Please note the safety instructions specifically for auto-belays. Usually the grades range from 4a to 7b. If the Climbing Association does not need its speed climbing routes outside for training or competitions, then there are two more auto-belay stations also available there.
  22. Do you have weight machines or a weight room?
    Yes we do. We have a 70㎡ weight room containing some training devices specifically for climbers, which should be sufficient for any supplementary and balance training: weight room
  23. Do you have your own training areas?
    In the training area of the federal training centre (note the reserved times) there is a 200㎡ large, heavily overhanging "spray wall", a campus board and several fingerboards. Alternatively, there is another campus board, a large kilter board and a slightly overhanging 50㎡ spray wall in the bouldering room itself.
  24. What should I watch out for when bouldering?
    It is important that you do not injure yourself or others and that you follow our house rules. The bouldering area has around 200 different boulder problems that are up to 4.5 m high. They are organised by colour in increasing levels of difficulty as follows: yellow, green, orange, blue, red, purple, pink, black. You should take care to warm up adequately, both for climbing and for jumping from high up. Above all, jumping and falling require a certain level of athleticism and body tension to avoid injuries. Beginners and children should not climb higher than their partner can still support them. The motto: "Climb down instead of jumping off" is especially important for your back. Always avoid the falling area of other climbers. Make sure that children do not walk around on the mats and avoid sitting on the boulder mats. They are primarily intended to provide fall protection for the person climbing. You can find more information about this under safety when bouldering or bouldering in the climbing hall.
  25. What should I watch out for when rope climbing?
    It is important that you are competently trained or at least accompanied by a competent supervisor. You need to know how climbing, belaying and falling work. You need to know how to use your equipment and operate your belay device. If not, get training, be guided or attend one of our climbing courses. Avoid the places where climbers fall, keep a sufficient distance from other climbers on the climbing wall itself, keep our safety floor - especially the fall area - free of obstacles/bags and always place your drinking bottle right against the climbing wall. The minimum rope length is 50 m. You can find more information about this under safety when climbing or under route climbing in the climbing hall.
  26. What should I watch out for when using the auto-belays?
    Note that you are climbing alone and therefore do not have a partner with whom you can carry out the partner check. Therefore, always check that your harness is tightened correctly, that you are tied in correctly and that the locking carabiner is fully locked. Before each start, you should do a short pull test on the rope and make sure that you feel resistance and that the rope is actually being pulled as you climb upwards. The maximum weight for using the auto-belays is 130kg. You can find more information under Auto-Belay in the climbing hall.