Our climbing centre is located in the so-called “Sillside” sports area, which includes an indoor skate-park, an athletics hall, an office building and of course, our climbing centre. For the whole area, there are about 80 parking spaces, for which you have to pay from Monday to Friday (9:00 to 19:00). We must point out that camping or staying overnight is not allowed. Please make sure not to park in the spaces marked as ‘no parking’ and note that the operators of the car park are not the individual sport facilities, rather the IIG - Innsbrucker Immobilien GmbH – i.e. the City of Innsbruck, who owns and rents the whole area.

Alternatively, you can reach us by public transport (bus line B) or by bike. There are city-bikes by the skate-hall that can be rented using the ‘Stadtrad’ app.

80 Parking spaces:
chargeable: Mon to Fri from 9.00–19.00
free: Sat, Sun and public holidays
Current fee: €1.00 for 30 minutes
Day ticket: 8.00 €

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The following Park-Apps are available for this area:
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ParkNow Logo

Warning - fines: Please bear in mind that incorrect parking (not properly in one space, using a handicapped space when not authorized, parking outside the Sillside parking area, parking at the side of the road or staying longer than paid for, etc) or just simply not having a ticket will incur a fine from one of the attendants of up to 50 euros. In the worst case, your car might be towed away.

Shop / Rental


We have a small shop with a good selection of equipment that covers everything you need for climbing, starting from harnesses, shoes, belay devices, ropes and chalk, all the way to clothing and other “must-haves” like regional guidebooks. Whatever your need, our experts will be happy to advise you. We can also order other products from our sponsor Black Diamond.

Did you know?

Holders of a yearly ticket get a discount of up to 15% on Black Diamond products. You can also visit the main Klettershop von BD in the city centre.


If you don’t have your own equipment or if you left something at home by mistake, don’t worry, you can rent all the essential items for your visit, e.g. shoes, harnesses, belay devices, rope or an “Ohm” – the clever device for evening out a big weight difference between climbing partners.

We hope you understand that we don’t rent anything for use outside the climbing centre.

    Weight Room

    Our 70 square meter weight room has become a Mecca for all those who enjoy balancing exercises or supplementary strength training in addition to climbing and bouldering. Even the members of the national team can be found here using our well-chosen equipment and weights.

    Until further notice, you can use the weight room free of charge as part of your admission, but please note that experience is required for some of the machines and, importantly, you need to know how to use free weights - don't forget the quick-release locks! If necessary, you can get advice or some instruction from our trainers at the climbing school.

    Please read the rules that are specifically for the weight room. These can be found in the room itself.

    For safety reasons, children under 14 years are not allowed into the weight room. Children 14 years and over must be supervised by an parent or have the  consent of a parent.

    For hygiene reasons, do not enter the weight room barefoot or without a shirt. Please put things away properly after use, keep the equipment clean and tidy, and don’t use chalk.


      Bistro mit COOLEM AMBIENTE

      Our relaxed bistro is open daily from 9am to 11pm and accessible to climbers and spectators alike, with fantastic views of the main climbing areas. What started as a cool place to hang out for climbers is now somewhere visited by many people from around the city who just want to eat and enjoy the atmosphere.

      Hot food is available on weekdays from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm and on weekends and public holidays from 11:30 am to 8:30 pm.

      You can enjoy your breaks between climbing, chill out with a coffee or browse through our specialist literature. With your ticket, you can visit the bistro from the climbing hall via the changing rooms as often as you like. You can also meet up with friends for parties and celebrations.

      Fritz, the bistro chef, always tries to add some seasonal variation to the menu. If you think something is something, let us know ( Have a look at our menu ahead of your visit.


      with soda or Innsbruck tap water

      • APPLE-MINT

      0.3 / 0.5 L * € 3.10 / € 4.10



      0.33 L * € 2.50



      0.33 L * € 3.10


      0.33 L * € 3.10

      • APPLE
      • PEACH

      0.2 L * € 3.20


      0.3 L / 0.5 L * € 3.20 / € 3.90


      0.33 L * € 3.90

      • LEMON
      • MIXED
      • COLA
      • RHUBARB

      0.33 L * € 3.90


      0.3 L / 0.5 L * € 2.10 / € 2.70

      Note: For reasons of hygiene, we ask that you do not enter the bistro "topless" or barefoot. It is not permitted to consume food you have brought with you in our bistro. You are welcome to use our premises or tables in the so-called Black Diamond Lounge on the first floor. We ask for your understanding. Please do not confuse our bistro with your office, working on the computer is not allowed, especially during peak times and when there is a lot of activity.