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Welcome to the Kletterzentrum Innsbruck, one of the World's largest climbing facilities. Over 6000 m2 of climbing surface accommodate all three disciplines of climbing (Lead, Boulder, Speed). At our facility, leisure climbing and professional climbing find enough space to train side by side and together. Our climbing facility has been built with the financial support of the city of Innsbuck, the land of Tyrol and the Austrian government. It is run with the support and the know-how of the Alpenverein Innsbruck. Our opening times are 9 am to 11 pm on weekdays, and 9 am to 10 pm on weekends and holidays. In case of major sports events, the opening times can differ. These dates can easily be found on our homepage. Our offer is very diverse and covers everything from climbing routes between 3a and 9a, a small fitness gym, a special kids' area, a course and beginners area, as well as a small shop with rental equipment and a bar for culinary delights. The bouldering area has color boulders as well as training areas, where you can make up your own boulders. Our climbing centre is simultaneously the training- and the competition centre of the Austrian National Team ( This means that sometimes, some of the training areas are reserved for the training of these athletes and can't be used by other visitors. In the short overview in English that follows, we would like to describe you the first steps to take before entering our climbing gym.

Are you here for the first time?

You don't have to pass a test, but you have to register and confirm with a signature that you have all the necessary qualifications to climb without instruction and safely. There are no employees in the gym who check your skills. If you do not meet our safety standards or if you don't stick to our house rules, the gym staff can force you to leave the facility. If you don't have climbing equipment with you, you can rent it in our shop. In case you don't know how to climb yet, you have to register in our climbing school a few days before your visit either via email ( or phone (0043 512 397340) and make a reservation with a climbing teacher. In any case, you are not allowed to climb if you cannot fill the entire registration form, which includes the confirmation that you have the necessary qualifications and skills to climb safely.

The Registration Form

Please go to the computer at the entrance and fill the registration form. After that, you can go to the cashier and get your entrance card.
Please note that there are different registration forms:


Every adult must be able to fill his registration form on his own. If you are a novice climber, you have to make sure to get instructions from a qualified person who is responsible for your safety. 

Adolescents between 14 and 18 years need a letter of consent from their legal guardian in order to access the climbing facility on their own and alone. Otherwise, they are only allowed to climb together with a qualified supervisor. The same goes for adolescents younger than 14 years.  This supervisor has the duty of supervision and has the full responsibility. The supervisor pays the children rate to enter the gym.

Climbing coaches and team trainers who are with groups of more than 8 climbers can register as a group and sign a group registration, if they assume the full responsibility for all members of their group. Teams and groups only receive a discount for their entry if they announced their visit via email beforehand (info(at)kletterzentrum-innsbruck(dot)at).

The first steps in our climbing facility

In order to make it easier for you during your first visit, here are some basic rules (more in our general terms and conditions):
Make sure that you have paid for parking. The parking lot unfortunately does not belong to us, but to the city of Innsbruck.
Don't forget to read the general terms and conditions and the rules. You have to follow them!

  • Please use the locker room and lock all your belongings inside a locker. (Objects and clothing lying around in the gym unfortunately often get stolen).
  • Please leave your backpack in the locker room and only take into the gym what is really necessary.
  • Please use gym shoes or slippers rather than the shoes you wear outside.
  • Please do not enter the bistro or the weight room shirtless or barefoot.
  • Please do not take glass bottles or glasses into the gym. Drinks in plastic bottles are available at the bar.
  • You're not allowed to eat food you brought from elsewhere in the bar, you can only eat brought-in food in the Black Diamond Lounge on the first floor.
  • If you go from the gym to the bar or the outdoor area, hold your card to the reader next to the door, so that it opens. You can only enter or exit if you use your card every time. You should always have your card with you.
  • Running around and playing in the gym are forbidden. Parents must watch their children at all times. 
  • Please do not reserve routes or sectors. For reservations of routes or sectors, permission must be obtained from the gym.
  • Please do not leave water bottles and other hard objects lying around on the floor, always put them right next to the wall or beside the bouldering mat. Risk of injury!
  • Swinging on the speed toppas in not allowed.
  • Make sure your partner is a competent belayer
  • Please do not forget to check your knot and your belay device before climbing and keep the falling zones free.

Enjoy our climbing facility