New Hangboards

14. November 2023
Beastmaker Hangboards

In Ki, there is a new training area featuring two Beastmaker 1000 and 2000 fingerboards in our indoor bouldering section.

After the Campus Board renovation, the Beastmaker has been replaced. Instead, four new Beastmakers, including two Griptonite force measurement plates, have been added. Additional ledges, slopers, or similar grips for training will be introduced between the hangboards.

To use the Griptonite Motherboards, you can download the Grippy App. Follow the link to download the app, install it, and follow the instructions on your smartphone. To connect, press the button under the Beastmaker Hangboard, and with Bluetooth enabled, the Grippy App should automatically connect to the Motherboard.

Best of luck with your training, Your Ki Team