IFSC World Cup 2024 Restrictions: Climbing gym and parking areas partially closed

28. March 2024
IFSC Climbing World Cup June 24. - 30. restrictions

From Monday, June 24th to Sunday, June 30th, the IFSC Climbing World Cup will take place at our venue.

During this time, there will be some restrictions in our climbing operation not only on the competition days themselves but also on the days of preparation and post-event activities. The outdoor climbing walls and parking areas will be partially or completely closed. Indoor, the bouldering area will be completely closed on June 26th, and from June 24th to June 30th, the southern section will be closed. The lead climbing area and the entire climbing facility will be closed on June 29th. On June 27th, 28th, and 30th, the climbing gym will be closed from 5:00 PM onwards.

We look forward to welcoming you on the competition days.

For event information and ticket pre-sales, visit: climbingworldcup.com

You can find all further details about the restrictions in our opening hours.

Your Ki Team