IFSC World Youth Championships Innsbruck: Report

The 2017 IFSC World Youth Championships took place in Innsbruck, Austria last weekend, where an unprecedented number of young athletes from around the globe tested their skills in the newly-built Kletterzentrum Innsbruck. Ahletes who achieved the top combined scores across the three disciplines in the World Youth Championships also had the opportunity to trial an Olympic 'combined' format final following the main event. Although there were no British medals, three climbers - Hamish McArthur, Hannah Slaney and William Bosi - made finals in the Lead event.

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The categories consisted of three age groups - Youth B, Youth A and Junior - in the three disciplines of Lead, Boulder and Speed. Although not every athlete competed in all three disciplines, the prospect of becoming an Olympian in Tokyo 2020 encouraged increased interest in the Speed event and the Combined competition in general. In Youth B and Junior categories, the 6 climbers with the lowest score (a multiple of their rankings in each discipline) from their positions in Lead, Boulder and Speed in each age group went on to compete in the one-day Olympic Combined final in Speed, Boulder and Lead over the weekend. In the Youth A category, the top 20 athletes in the Combined rankings made the Olympic style final, to serve as qualifiers for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires next year.

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