Our climbing facility and the National Training Center can also be used by other national teams and their athletes. However, parts of the Training Center can be reserved for our National Team or the Tyrolean Team at any time. Athletes of climbing teams, federations or National Teams do not get a reduced price and have to pay the same price than everyone else (just like National Training Center members). Funding for gym entrances must be acquired from the own federation or club. The regular rates apply. Everyone who enters the gym has to pay. This also applies to trainers or spectators, who have to pay their training or accompanying person's ticket (children rate). Thank you for your understanding! Please announce your visit beforehand (info(at)kletterzentrum-innsbruck(dot)at) that we can also inform you, how busy it is in the comp areas.  In order to accelerate the registration process, we recommend that trainers fill out the trainers' form, so that they can buy the tickets for their team members. They can then give the tickets to their athletes. We would like to point out that in this case, the trainer is responsible for the behaviour and discipline of the athletes. He is also responsible for explaining the rules to the athletes and to make sure that all the athletes follow all the rules and always have their ticket with them. Speed and timing Reserving the speed wall is not allowed without asking for permission beforehand. Individual athletes are not allowed to reserve the speed wall, except for members of our National Training Center. Reserving the speed wall and using the timing system must be coordinated with the Austrian Climbing federation (office(at)austriaclimbing(dot)com).