COVID-Info 01/06/2022

Currently there are no COVID-restrictions!


Even if it seems now that the pandemic makes a break: the virus still exists and therefore we still ask you to follow some basic rules, so that the "whole circus" does not start again soon:
- Continue to follow general hygiene measures: Wash your hands, sneeze in the crook of your arm, keep a low profile during greeting rituals, etc.
- If possible, keep your distance from each other to minimize the potential risk of infection. Minimize the risk of infection
- in case of known signs of illness, stay at home and contact a (family) doctor or the health hotline 1450.

We wish you a lot of fun with the now (almost) borderless climbing and thank you already now for your cooperation!







old Covid Info 19/05/2021:

Finally, after more than half a year we can climb together again and open the bistro for you. But as you might know, the opening is subject to very strict regulations. Please help us to comply with these measures. A valid access test (3 G), FFP2 mask except on the climbing wall and while using the showers, as well as the 2 m distance are the basic requirements that will accompany us for a while.
For the owners of annual passes and other seasonal passes, we have automatically extended the duration of the passes after the closure on November 3rd. In order to comply with the 20 m2 rule for the sports facilities and to be able to respect the capacity restrictions, we ask you to consider the organizational measures:

-    Access - even to the outdoor facility - is only possible if you have shown the valid access test (3G: vaccinated, tested or recovered) at the cash desk beforehand. Due to organizational reasons we do not offer self-tests on site.
-    Lead climbing indoor is limited to 130 persons, bouldering to 65 persons (50 inside, 15 outside) and lead climbing outdoor to 65 persons.
-    Access to these areas is only possible via the respective turnstile. NEW! Therefore, please use the left turnstile for bouldering and the right turnstile for lead climbing at the main entrance – it is marked accordingly.
-    Important + NEW: The areas may only be changed via the turnstile and when there is free capacity. This is a measure to prevent overcrowding of the respective areas.
-    If the respective areas are already fully occupied, please draw a respective "waiting number" for bouldering or lead climbing. Your number will then appear on the digital display when spaces become available.
-    Due to the legally restricted number of visitors at the Climbing Gym Innsbruck, external team training and group events are, unfortunately, not possible at the moment. The climbing time is limited with 3 hours and the competition areas (lead, boulder, speed) indoor and outdoor are mainly reserved for the national climbing team and the regional climbing team.
-    Please also note the registration requirement in the bistro, the maximum number of people per table (4 inside, 10 outside) and the 2 m distance. The consumption of food and drinks is only allowed in a seated position. The mask can be taken off at the tables.


We are looking forward to seeing you!